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MotorSports NorthEast (MSNE) 2023 Auto-X Schedule & Event Results

Date Location Register / Results Notes
Sunday Mar 26 Lot L Summary Pax Final Thank you to all who attended.
Sunday April 16 Lot L Summary Pax Final See Ya'll On Site!
Sunday April 30 Lot L Cancelled Reg Closes April 29
Sunday May 21 Lot J Summary Pax Final Surprise Last Minute Event !
Friday June 2 Lot J Final Morning Autox School w Instructors
Friday June 2 Lot J Final Afternoon Test & Tune - No instruction
Sunday June 4 Lot J Summary Pax Final MSNE AUTOX!!
Sunday June 18 Lot J Summary Pax Final Pics.... NOW - Thanks Billy Ng
Friday Aug 25 Lot L Register AM 8-25 - cancelled -
Friday Aug 25 Lot L Register PM 8-25 - cancelled -
Sunday Sept 17 Lot L Register 9-17 Back to school? back to AUTOCROSS !
Saturday Sept 23 Lot L Register 9-23 - cancelled -
Sunday Nov 5 Lot L Register 11-5 UPDATED Location: Lot L
2023 MSNE Autocross Championship [ Minimum Attendance: 3 Events, 1 Event Drop ]
2023 Class Points 2023 Driver Performance Points
Waivers (print and sign) MSNE MetLife

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Autocross is a high fun, low risk, low cost of entry into motorsports. If speed is your drug, we are your dealer. For those who crave more speed, members of the MSNE are welcome and invited to participate at NASA NorthEast track events. NASA NE offers a one time promo code for MSNE members to help cover the NASA membership fee.

NASA NorthEast

Motorsports Northeast Event Registration, Cost and Schedule
Autocross Schools Limited to 20 participants. Open to all driving experience levels
Tune & Tune Limited to 30 participants. Open to all driving experience levels
Online Registration Opens 30 days prior to autocross, 60 days prior to the schools / Test & Tune
Autocross School 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM. (Event Schedule here)
Test and Tune 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM. (Event Schedule here)
Double Event Days Auto-X starts promptly at 2:00 PM, Registration opens at 1:30PM.
Membership Cost $90 for the 2023 Season (SAVE!)
Event Type MSNE or NASA Member Non-Member
Single Event Cost (At Metlife Stadium) $95  $100
Single Event Cost (Axware Online) $90  $95
Autocross School (At Metlife Stadium) * $195 $215
Autocross School (Axware Online) * $185 $205
Test & Tune(At Metlife Stadium) * $175 $185
Test & Tune (Axware Online) * $165 $175
* Double Event Discount $5 AutoX discount for:
* Attending AM (school or test & Tune) and PM Auto-X


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